If you are a photographer or a model, writer or devotee of the written word, I invite you to use this site as a platform to exhibit your talent. Here your work will be displayed in the best possible light, alongside with other creative souls.

  • Portrait photography or the images where the emphasis goes towards the beauty of a model’s face,will be displayed under the Beauty category.
  • All photography that is meant to showcase the beauty of the human form is welcome.
  • Nude images should be tasteful.
  • All models must be at least 18 years old and give their permission for publishing the images.
  • Editorials with at least 7 images are preferred.
  • If you want to title your work, please do so, if not it will be done for you.
  • When sharing writing that is not yours please provide the author. You may not alter quotes in a way that misrepresents what was originally said.
  • Please provide full credit to all parties that were involved in the project.
  • Videos you submit may be trimmed.
  • If you want your story to be shared here, please do.

By submitting your work, you are permitting VitaCouture to display your work on this site.
If you feel that you deserve credit, which you have not received, please contact me at the below listed address. If you no longer wish that your writing, any image of you, or any image taken by you to be displayed on this site, please send your removal request to info@vitacouture.com