Interview with Rebecca Bagnol

I follow many beautiful models on Instagram. Most of them have active accounts but there are a few that I wish have posted more often. Beautiful fashion model Rebecca Bagnol is one of them; I always wished that I saw more of her and knew more about her. That is why I asked her to answer a few questions that I will be asking select models that I met on Instagram.

Where were you born and would you describe your childhood as happy?
I was born in the south of France in Aix-en-Provence.
Regarding my childhood, I think there have been ups and downs like everyone else, I still have some good memories.
At what age did you begin modeling and what inspired you?
I started at the age of 19.
I am inspired by all that I see in my daily life but the greatest sources of inspiration are books, paintings or sculpture for example.
What is the biggest challenge that you face as a model and what is your favorite part of being a model?
I think that the most difficult remains the gaze of others and especially our view of ourselves. Always be ready, try to fit in some boxes, be in physical competition with other girls; I think it’s difficult because we are always in comparison with other people; can be prettier, better.
What I like most is my chest, I think it’s one of the only things I really like about my body. But I would have preferred to have a beautiful face rather a beautiful chest.
Have you ever experienced any judgement regarding the nude modeling?
I think the answer is in the question.
Of course it can not please everyone.
There will always be people to judge what we do. The relationship to nudity can be difficult for some people and they do not understand why I do it because for them it’s something intimate that we should not expose.
What quality attracts you in people and what attributes are most important in a man?
I like people who are just themselves. Regarding men, it’s the same.There is not really a criteria in love. A person with culture and who is funny: two things that I like a lot in a man.I’m lucky, my boyfriend has all these qualities;)
What do you do to stay in shape?
I do not do anything special, I do not have a miracle diet. I eat what I want, I play sports if I want to, I live simply. Above all, take time for yourself, rest, relax and be with the people you love.
What is your favorite place to shop?
The internet is my favorite place to go shopping, because it’s very simple and I can do it quietly on my couch in front of netflix with a good toast with cheese, preferably goat.

Model: Rebecca Bagnol

Instagram @_rebeccabagnol