Interview with Moon Maison

Look at the photo of Moon and you will understand why she is reputed the World’s sexiest life coach.

An Instagram model with 328K followers,
yoga and pilates enthusiast, sexual and spiritual life coach answers the questions that we wanted to know.

You demonstrate great confidence. Was it always in you from a young age, or is it something you acquired latter in life?

I was always pretty confident.

There are beautiful, intelligent people who lack confidence. What do you think is their main underlying problem?

It’s usually a very deep rooted feeling of unworthiness. It could be that they don’t love themselves or that they haven’t found their authentic self or their true voice.

You improve your knowledge in areas of love, relationship, and sex by taking various workshops and training classes. Do classes/workshops on sex exist? If they do, which one would you recommend to the readers?

Yes, they do exist. You just have to do your research and go to what calls to you. I would recommend looking into Tantra workshops in your area. Maybe one day I can facilitate intimacy workshops of my own, but I don’t feel called to do that right now. I have learned a lot of new things in these trainings, mostly you learn about your own self. I’d recommend going with a partner if possible. There are lots of hands on exercises, including genital touching, and the singles pool is usually very slim.

I can imagine that any man would love to be coached by you. What about women? What is the percentage of your female clientele?

I’d love to have more female clients. I have a lot of wisdom to offer to females who are ready for it. I’ve only had two paid female clients so far.

What are the main areas that men have asked you to be coached on? What about women?

It’s a variety really, but men tend to ask me about relationships and what the next step is in their lives and women about self-confidence.

Did you ever refuse to offer your services to anyone after your mandatory initial consultation? If yes, why?

Yes. I only take people who are serious about their personal growth. I can see right through the ones who just want to talk to me or meet me in person.

The ancient wisdom that you implement in your life, was it taught to you by your parents, or is it something you had to learn on your own?

I believe we have lived many, many lives, so I must have had some coding instilled in me since birth. But to answer your question, I’ve learned mostly everything from spiritual teachers and my own inner guidance. I did not learn anything from my parents and although my birth mother was a Korean Shaman, she did not raise me.

It is said that the shame of being naked was coded in us, as a way to remove the temptation to sexually interact outside ones family. Do you think that the temptation was removed? Do you think that the shame of nudity can be unlearned?

I think that the programs we are taught from the time we are born need to be revisited and we need to make a conscious decision about each belief and decide if it is really true or not. That would include ideas about sexual temptation and nudity. So my answer is yes. Change your beliefs and thoughts; Change your life.

How do you stay in shape? What is your diet and exercise regiment?

I played a lot of sports growing up so I think that helped build a nice foundation. Now, I mainly do yoga and pilates. I go to between 2-7 classes per week. Sometimes I take 2 classes in a row. I eat as I like, I over eat at times, but it’s all vegan and organic for the most part. I try to stay away from refined sugars, but I still slip up here and there.

Who do you think from Hollywood could use your life coaching? What can you help him/her with?

I think everyone could benefit from a little extra love and support, especially other content creators, models, and influencers. I help people to define their desires, change their beliefs, and find themselves. Currently, I’m only taking 5 clients per month, so I’m pretty selective, but would love to hear from prospective clients, so feel free to reach out.

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